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Why Attic Insulation is Necessary

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The attic might be the least used part of your home but that doesn’t mean that you don’t insulate it. As a matter of fact, attic insulation is most crucial. Doing so regulates the temperature in your home, while also controlling humidity, preventing mold, and protecting wood from rotting.

Attic Insulation

When insulating your home, don’t forget the attic. As a matter of fact, you should start with it. If you attic is uninsulated, your home’s energy efficiency rating goes down. When that happens, your utility bills go up. Aside from that, you make your home exposed to the elements. Uninsulated attics mean higher humidity and increased chances of mold growth, rotting, and pest infestation. Additionally, your roof will get damaged faster than you expected it.

How to Install Insulation

If you get your attic insulated, be sure that the installation is fluffy and voluminous. That way, you can enjoy good insulation for a longer period of time. The insulation tends to settle as time goes by. If that happens, then its effectiveness is reduced. If the insulation seems flat or deflated, then you have to add some more.

There are different types of insulation materials to choose from for your attic. Such materials are rated according to their thermal resistance. The rating is referred to their R-values. The higher the insulation’s R-value is, the better it performs.

Common Types of Insulation

To help you decide which insulation is best for you, some of types of insulation that you can choose from are fiberglass, cellulose, spray foam, and mineral fibers. Some of these may come in batts, rolls, and blankets. Find out more about each one to make choosing easier for you. To get further help, you can also consult with experts in attic insulation Cincinnati.

The most popular choice these days is spray foam insulation. It can reach most nooks and crannies of your home, particularly in the attic. It’s also easy to apply, although you can’t make it a do-it-yourself project because you need special gear and equipment for the job. Even so, compared to other types of insulation, it is the one that is least complicated.

How to Install Attic Insulation

If you opt for the insulation option that comes in blankets and batts, then they have to be installed manually by fitting them between the joists of the attic. If you go for the loose insulation types, then they have to be blown in using a pneumatic hose.

Spray foam insulation is more like loose insulation. It is used to fill all those hard-to-reach gaps, nooks, and crevices. It can be used to insulate the roof line. Whichever type you choose, you have to make sure that it is installed properly so as to enjoy all its advantages.

You need proper insulation to ensure that your heating and cooling systems function more efficiently. Insulation maintains the comfort level inside your home by creating less temperature fluctuation and keeping away humidity. To ensure that you do everything right, hire the most reputable service providers near you.

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Design Tips to Make Small Bedrooms Appear Bigger

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It is in the bedroom that we spend most of our time with when we are at home (a.k.a. sleeping). It is important, therefore, that we keep it organized, tidy, and comfortable.

Small Bedrooms

All the bedrooms in the house don’t always have the same size. If you happen to have the smaller one by choice or not, don’t worry. There are things you can do to make it look bigger and have more storage. Big space isn’t the only one that can have a beautiful design. Smaller spaces can have it too. Here are some tips and tricks you can do to make your small bedroom appear to have more space.

1. Push the bed to the corner

Situating the bed in the middle will occupy a decent space. That space could’ve been used for something else. Pushing the bed into one of the corners will give more space for you especially if the room design is narrow. You can put the bed near the windows too so you won’t need an alarm clock to wake you up because the early sun’s rays will hit your face.

2. Choose light colors

Light colors especially white will give the impression of a bigger room. In contrast, darker colors will outline and emphasize the room size. Using light colors especially white will avoid giving a boxed look, and instead will give an almost limitless look. Choosing light colors for your walls, bed sheets, furniture, or accessories in varied texture will achieve this.

3. Go for minimalism

It is a given that the most important furniture in a bedroom is the bed. So, limit the addition of other furniture except for the ones you’ll be using the most (e.g. work table or dresser). Accessories should also be kept at a minimum.

4. Disregard the hulking bedframe

Replace your huge bedframe with a sleek and modern one to help maximize the space in your bedroom. There are now a lot of options to choose from.

5. Use mirrors

Mirrors, like light colored walls, will magnify and extend the look of having a bigger room space. If positioned correctly, they will reflect light and make the room appear larger. A mirror is a functional piece of accessory that you can get inexpensively.

6. Use the under bed space

The under bed space can always be used for storage. Use it to add and increase the storage in your room. If you are looking for a new bed, you can also consider getting one that already has drawers or shelves around.

7. Try wallpapers

Just because your room is small doesn’t mean you can’t opt for using wallpapers. Wallpapers have had a bad reputation about making a room look congested. But using the right ones and using only a part of the wall will not. Make your room more customized by using wallpapers.

Designing your own room can be exciting. But if you are unsure of what to do or how to get started, or prefer the work of an expert, then consider hiring one. Interior design Oxfordshire will help you with your needs.

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